Dance like no one is watching.

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Dance like no one is watching... is one of those sayings we hear over and over again, yet still need some reminding.

Today, I’m focusing on a living in the moment. Freeing my mind from the judgmental thoughts that destruct my physical, emotional, and spiritual health. In stillness, I find the power to stand tall. In my breath, I find the will to release and let go.

I believe that we are each on our own journey, and no one's path is exactly the same. Comparing ourselves to others can be so easy when we feel like we're not succeeding. Judgment and jealousy ensue, as we start to pick apart others, and ourselves. But what IF we let go of focusing so strongly on the path of others, and open our eyes to the road right in front of us? What IF we dance like no one is watching? What IF we discover something new about ourselves rather than trying to fit the mold of someone we admire or envy. What IF we can acknowledge and respect and support other people's accomplishments rather than viewing them as our failures?

No one likes feeling jealous. Jealously is mean and harsh and thrives on sucking away our precious energy and time. Jealously whispers to us with its scratchy voice and morning breath, "Why them? Why not me?" Jealousy eats up our joy, and feeds our ego with falsities that rot our thoughts and fills our minds with useless negative energy. Above all else, jealousy prevents us from dancing with our own expression and exploring our potential. So how do we stop it?

Sometimes jealousy is an emotion we can't ignore, especially if we want something so badly it hurts. We can't stop our selves from feeling it, but we can understand where our jealousy comes from and how to stop buying into it. This starts with believing and trusting that your path is unlike any one else, because YOU are unique and unlike anyone else. You are filled with histories and stories and experiences that make you especially equipped to conquer YOUR dreams. Someone may look like you and sound like you, but no one else can see the world with YOUR eyes. No one else can breath the air that YOU breath, no one else can think YOUR thought's exactly how YOU think them.

If we concern ourselves less with competing with others and more with empowering ourselves, it will be easier to listen to our own voice. "Dance like no one is watching" is an invitation to express, explore, and release. Express our feelings, explore our thoughts and ideas, and release ourselves from the judgmental reigns of others and the judgmental barriers we give ourselves.

What is one thing you would do, if you were free from judgment?

Let me know! As always,

"Embrace the QUIRKS, not the smirks"


Sofia Belhouari

#dream #create #love #selflove #spirituality

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