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Got Gluten? (Make-up Edition)

If you're sensitive to gluten like me, makeup can really affect us if accidentally ingested. I tend to have bad reactions to products with fragrances, or products that use gluten as a binding agent, (who knew?! Thanks science!) Keep reading to learn more about my go-to makeup products, that are Gluten Free, and essential to my routine.

Photo By A. Levesque @levesquetriplets



Directly from the Cover | FX website:

Seriously, I love this foundation. I had tried a several foundations that were said to be great for sensitive skin, but I actually didn’t think about gluten in terms of skin products, I came across Cover FX in sephora, and tried both the foundation and the corrector, and was amazed. You can control your coverage from light to heavy, by simply adding your favorite moisturizer. Cover FX also has foundation drops that are becoming more popular, and it’s next on my list to try! Read below for more info on the Natural Finish Foundation that I personally use.

Available in 40 global shades, this oil free foundation has a silky, hydrating feel that glides on the skin and imparts a radiant, second-skin finish. Loaded with skincare ingredients, it contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E to protect against free radicals.

The lightweight texture is formulated to leave a luminous, soft focus finish to the skin and is buildable for a medium to full coverage.

Does NOT Contain: Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Fragrance, Gluten, Mineral Oil, Talc


I love this redness correct pen, and it actually works. You may think its weird at first to put green on your face, but don’t worry… you’re not going to look like the wicked witch of the west, unless you booked broadway, in which case order 7 and apply heavily...ANYHOO, the green pigment actually counteracts the redness you see on your face. After applying the correction, you can easily blend with the Natural finish foundation, and your skin won’t hate you.

Directly from the Cover | FX website:

Creamy color correctors in a convenient stick form that calm redness and skin irritations caused by rosacea and acne.

These ultra-blendable, highly pigmented cream color correctors cancel out skin discoloration and even the skin tone. The convenient stick form offers easy application and ultimate portability.

Choose the shade that matches your skin concern and skin tone below:

  • Green: light & medium skin tones (color corrects intense redness) shades 0-40

  • Yellow: light & medium skin tones (color corrects mild redness) shades 0-40


  1. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, Sin

  2. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

  3. Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

According to , The above products are Gluten Free, Soy free, fragrance free, nickel free, among other allergens. Not all products may be gluten free, but you can always call and double check! You can also check out the ingredients online at

You can get all of the above products at SEPHORA.

*Next on my list to try is BITE BEAUTY lipstick.

If you are celiac or have an allergy to gluten, and you’re using lipstick that contains gluten, it’s likely that you are ingesting gluten, and could get sick.

Bite Beauty makes lipstick that is high performing and healthy enough to eat! Bite beauty does not contain toxic ingredients, and they are certified gluten free!

Leave a comment below and share your favorite lip color for me to try!

Let me know if there’s a Gluten Free makeup brand that you want me to test out, as I continue to grow my list!




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