Just for kids! Homework Inspo/ Fun Activities!

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

"Stand Up Comedy Vocab" Game:

Spice up studying with this fun game! I created Stand Up Comedy Vocab while trying to help a fifth grader learn new words for her weekly spelling exam. Stand Up Comedy Vocab combines story telling, and complete comprehension of each word, and how to use it in a sentence.

Here's how!

Grab a stuffed animal, or favorite doll, action figure, or toy, and each take turns playing a character performing a standup comedy routine. It's simple, just tell a story using ALL of the vocab words on the list. Encourage the child to take his or her time as they come up with clever ways to connect and compel, while testing their comprehension and the usage. Each time the word is used correctly, 1 point is awarded. If the word is used incorrectly, 1 point is subtracted from the total, and the player can try 3 more times to use the word correctly. If after 3 strikes, the player may op to spell the word to redeem 2 points. 

For example, I used a random fluffy keychain animal. Introduce the character as if you're actually hosting... and get creative with "crowd" interactions, as you can play this game with multiple kids!