The Drink That Will Kick Your Cold's A*s.

Whenever the weather changes, I start to feel a little under... My nose runs, my body aches, chills slowly creep down my arms and legs, and I just really, REALLY want my mom.

I began to feel these symptoms earlier this week, and ran to the kitchen looking for a soothing and healing remedy. My Moroccan relatives always talk about Ginger's healing properties, so I decided to make a cold fighting tea with this wonderful spice in mind!


1. Green Tea:

You can use any brand or variety you like, but I personally am drinking the Green Tea from Trader Joe's! GT provides an excellent source of antioxidants, and the perfect amount of caffeine to get me moving in the morning.

2. Pinch of Ginger:

Ginger is amazing. I always take some if my stomach hurts, or If I feel motion sickness. In fact, the key ingredient to Dramamine's All Natural Motion Sickness supplement is actually Ginger! The anti- inflammatory properties are great for pain and muscle relief.

*Quick note: Next time you reach for some Ibuprofen (anti-inflammatory) due to cramps, or muscle fatigue, try a mix of Turmeric and Ginger instead for an all- natural approach!

3. Dash of Cayenne Pepper

The Cayenne adds heat that will loosen the mucus, and make it easier to breathe, it's also great for your metabolism! Through thermogenesis, your body heats up naturally, which causes an increase in metabolism. I also just love how it gives any drink or dish a little kick!

4. Half Squeezed Lemon

Lemon juice is not only great immune support, but it helps maintain pH balance as well. The antibacterial properties can also help combat infection.

5. Honey

Because everyone needs a little honey in their diet :)

Local honey is the best, but any kind will do! However; over time, local honey can help you adjust to the area that you're living in, which is said to reduce allergy symptoms (HECK YES!) Sometimes the change in the environment can make us sick because of new stimulus, and ingesting local honey is almost like giving our bodies a little heads up! Also honey tastes delicious and is great for the throat, especially for you singers and speakers out there!

After drinking this tea a few times in the past few days, my cold truly started fading quickly... and I don't feel as miserable! If anything, it's a super healthy, and tasty drink!

Let me know what your favorite teas or cold remedies are. Leave a comment, or subscribe!

Happy Healing!


Sofia Belhouari

The Drink That Will Kick Your Cold's A*s

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