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Dill Weed

Dill Weed


Yaahoozah! Dill Weed, here. Are you ready to shake and bake? Activity pages & crayons included! :) 

About the Book: 

Dill Weed is an eager young herb who dreams of seasoning something special. After being picked over in the kitchen, meal after meal, Dill feels rejected, and his dream of seasoning seems out of reach.  With advice from his mentor, Grandfather Thyme, and the support of the other spices and herbs, Dill devises a plan to overcome his fears and doubts, and ultimately saves the kitchen from a distasteful disaster!  Dill’s story echoes the belief that we are special in our own way, and although Dill doesn’t flavor as often as Pepper or Salt, he is still an important spice and integral part of his kitchen family. 


Written by Sofia Belhouari. Illustrated by Sofia Belhouari & Suzy Weller. 

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