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Paris <3 Recommendations

Marcello- (For Dinner)

In Saint Germain

8 Rue Mabillon, 75006 Paris, France

  • Great food and beautiful outside space! Garden vibes I’ve gone multiple times.

Pink Mama- (For Dinner)

  • Atmospheric! I would go before sunset- lots of windows make for really lovely photos. Delicious food. Great for meat lovers (though I didn’t try personally)

  • Pretty popular so definitely get a res!

Café LouLou- (For Lunch, more casual)

  • So yummy! Gluten free options, adorable restaurant close to the river perfect for walking

  • I shot photos here with the lovely Batsheva Haart and they were so accommodating and kind.

Le Muset

  • Go on a sunny day! Eat outside- it’s really pretty and near the Lourve

  • Lots of people drive notable classic old cars near this area for some reason haha! Which is neat :)

Cafe Kitsune - (For Coffee & Sweets)

  • Popular! There are a few locations I believe but the one in Palais Royal is great for grabbing coffee and a treat and walking around the area! Lovely for photos.

Le Royal - restaurant by Palais Royal

  • TBC

Shakespeare and Company Cafe

(For coffee / literature/ garden / views of Notre-Dame)

Il Quadrifoglio.

Gluten Free options

01 40 09 91 05

  • Charming. Smaller restaurant, but very nice and has gluten free options.

  • Italian

  • Classic

Restaurants near Montmartre:

La Maison Rose

  • Probably the most famous building aesthetically in Montmartre. So charming, but I’d go on a cloudy day when it’s less touristy.

  • Smaller bites, and the location / atmosphere is so sweet.

Cafe Broceliande, Montemarte (For Breakfast, Brunch)

15 Rue des Trois Frères, 75018 Paris, France

  • Crêperie! Gluten free options :)

More to Come!


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