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Suitably Suits You!

One of my favorite brands of the year is... you guessed it! Suitably! Suitably offers an amazing capsule collection of workwear pieces... all under $100 !

These pieces are machine washable, wrinkle resistant, comfortable and timeless. You'll never have to wonder... "Is this dress the appropriate length?" Suitably's founders Annabel and Phil Gatto already did the work for us by researching and collecting data from women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. How cool is that?!

I love how the Suitably collection woks with crazy and ever changing schedules. You can dress the blazer up in the morning for a meeting downtown, or dress it down for a more casual going out look! I cannot tell you how important it is to find quality made pieces that you don't have to lug to the dry cleaners.

Probably my favorite aspect of Suitably is their mission to inspire and empower women! "Suitably believes every woman–no matter her background or economic status–deserves a wardrobe that helps her feel confident." To spread their mission, Suitably has partnered with Dress for Success to donate returned products in good condition to working women in need. Amazing! Right?! We need more conscious aware brands like suitably who are transparent, trusting, and benevolent.

To check out more, and get your starter suit kit, please visit Suitably online!

And follow on Instagram @suitably




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