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UIN Footwear for Movers, Makers, Travelers, & Dreamers.

I’m having SO much fun in my studio space lately and can’t wait to show you all recent project collaborations with some very talented artists!

While I’m shooting, the most IMPORTANT aspect other than a solid playlist (obviously) is COMFORT; comfort is SO important, especially when it comes to footwear because I’m on my feet for several hours, and usually contorting myself in weird positions to get the perfect shot. I was so excited to receive these adorable shoes from @uinfootwear. They are super lightweight, soft, supportive and perfect for wearing on set! I’m in love with this color block style, and there are so many beautiful styles and colors 💛 ♥️ 💙 It truly took me a few days to decide on what design I wanted because the variety of beautiful wearable artwork is overflowing.

Whenever I am creating, I enjoy wearing comfortable clothing and accessories that express my creativity. Colorful fashion makes me feel like my truest self, and gets me in the zone for making. So when I saw the “HOLD THAT COLOR” pair, I said “Yep! Perfect!”

These shoes are great for wearing around the house or adventuring around town- I think you’ll be surprised by the well constructed soles and high arch support (something I definitely need in a shoe.)

What I LOVE the most about UIN footwear is their brand focus on travel and art. You’ll notice they have different shoes representing beautiful places, like Spain, France, Morocco, Mexico, to name a few. Since i am half moroccan, the next pair I get will definitely be from “The Kingdom of Morocco” line. I wasn’t able to visit Morocco this year to see my family, so it would be lovely to wear shoes that would remind me of walking through the souk, running my fingers through the sand on the beach, the feelings of warmth, discovery, and adventure. Now, because I’m a romantic sap, I love the idea of my shoes reflecting a special place I’ve walked and explored.

Check out the website, and see what designs speak to you! Let me know what you decide on and how you like them!

Use the link and promo codes below for discounts on your shopping carts!

Coupon code:

sofia5 ($5 off any shoes purchase)

sofia10 ($10 off purchase of $120 or more)


@sofiabelhouari | @photobyphilosofi


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