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Updated: Aug 23, 2018

What the BaBouche!?

In Moroccan culture, you won’t see many people walking around the house barefoot. Babouches are worn to keep feet warm and the floors clean. Traditional Moroccan slippers are worn during religious celebrations and are an important aspect of Moroccan identity.

When I went to visit my family in Casablanca, I constantly forgot to put on my Babouche slippers after coming home from a day of adventuring, and one of my little sisters would scurry over and put them on my feet! Not only are babouches culturally and religiously relevant, they're also super comfortable, and come in so many beautiful bold colors. Babouche's are perfectly suited to wear outside the home as well. With the right accessories and a favorite pair of jeans, the Babouche slippers can turn a casual outfit into a chic look in seconds.

I matched my babouches with a vintage powder pink blazer, my favorite pair of J Crew boyfriend jeans, and a patterned Banana Republic blouse.


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