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Why You need the Calpak Kaya Laptop Backpack

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

I love this backpack. Here's why:

As a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur (Boss lady) I wear several hats and am constantly moving. As I am so involved in the fashion and film world, it’s important that I travel in style with no fuss. Read on for why I'm in love with this backpack.

1. The Kaya backpack is constructed beautifully. I love its sleek compact shape, and the professional finish of the material. If I'm walking the streets of NYC, or crammed inside the subway train, I never feel like I'm taking up too much space, and the backpack always maintains its sleek structural shape.

2. The design is classy and allows me to feel confident running into a meeting, or going to an audition. Comes in Black, Carmel, Deep Sea Blue, White, Stone, Blush, and Denim.

3. I am able to fit my 15" computer, a feature that I haven't been able to find in women's backpacks. Mostly men's backpack styles offer the 15" size, which I find upsetting. Even if carrying a smaller computer is better for my back... I like would like to have an equal option!

4. Totes are TERRIBLE for our bodies. It's not good to constantly one strap or carry totes due to the uneven weight distribution, which completely screws up the body's alignment.

5. The Interior has two full zipper pockets so I can put my computer in the back pocket, and my note pad or folder/ portfolio in the front. There are 6 pockets on the inside for pens, phones, personal items, anything that you would normally carry.

6. I feel confident carrying this backpack, and with several pockets to organize my items, I don't have to second guess where anything is.

7. Lastly, this bag is affordable. Yep. for $89.00 you too can feel as stylish and as confident as I do walking into an audition or meeting... without breaking the bank.

The Kaya Laptop Backpack is just one of the many beautiful pieces that CALPAK offers. I can’t wait to try their rolling luggage and hat boxes!

Check out their new collaboration with @jenatkinhair :)




Calpak in NYC


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