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Because YOU are the brand. Why I love “The Daily Edited” bags and accessories:

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

I have had my eye on this adorable clutch for many months now, after visiting “The Daily Edited” store in the west village (my favorite neighborhood.) They produce beautiful leather bags, wallets, and accessories that are personalized to the customer. TDE has many fonts and several beautiful colors to choose from. I love the idea that when I’m carrying my bag or other TDE items that I am not overtly advertising a brand... the bag is simple, with just two golden letters on the front... my initials. SB

I have the white vertical clutch which also comes in black, pale pink, and forest green- the perfect size for my phone, keys, and lipgloss or chapstick.

The leather strap is super convenient, and also detachable If you choose to rock it as a clutch.

This is the perfect bag for you if you like structured tailored designs. I love the rectangular shape and clean edges. This style also comes in a little wider design called “The Box Bag.” So if the vertical clutch is too small for you, the box bag might be just right.

This clutch is simple, cute, and goes with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. TDE has the perfect color palettes for every season. I myself, love the pastels and neutrals for spring and summer.

Link to personalize and purchase:

P.S dresses - both from Berenice Official in Paris

Would love to see what colors and fonts you choose! Let me know :)


Sofia Belhouari


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