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Curating a Creative Space

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

As a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur, I feel as if I am constantly “on the go”. Because of my busy lifestyle, the time I spend at home is very precious to me. My space must be conducive for all my interests and artistic mediums, so I feel free to create and dream. I thought I‘d share how I personalize and cultivate a thriving creative space that works for me.

1. Reduce Clutter:

After the Fall Equinox, we should start to experience more balance in our lives. We can create balance by designing a space that feels unique to us, letting go of all the things that we no longer need. Reducing clutter allows creative thoughts and ideas to flow. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, or experience fatigue, I begin finding balance by reducing the physical clutter.

2. Repurposing: Combining Old With New:

This summer, I traveled to visit my family in Morocco & Paris, and I brought a Fuji Film InstaX 9 Camera (purchased at Urban Outfitters) to document my adventures. It was great to have the images instantly. In my bedroom, I have opted for a cozy, urban, minimalist aesthetic, using a combination of both new and old elements, I’m reminded of the amazing experiences I've had, and what I wish to invite into my life next. I also like to include family elements which makes me feel connected to my authentic roots.

On the wall to the right of my InstaX photos, you’ll find a large palm plant (I love how plants can breathe life into a space.) The wall next to my window is covered with my grandmother's old journal entries from her traveling days. My grandmother, Dorothy, loved to travel and always spoke on the importance of writing and reflecting on those “once in a life time” experiences. I display her journal entries as a reminder to document my adventures, because one day... they will be the stories I tell my own grandchildren.

3. Fill Your Space to Feed Your Soul:

I have 4 instruments in my room. I don't always have time to play, but music is important to me, and having them available where I can see them means I will likely pick one up and play in my free time rather than scrolling on the internet.

I have many books lining my window. For as long as I can remember, I've loved stories, and I love telling stories. I like displaying a mixture of favorite books I've already read, and books that I can't wait to pick up! I like knowing that there is an exciting adventure waiting for me when I get home.

Favorites: Big Magic, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, The War of Art, Everything is Awful, Catching The Big Fish.

4. Use Scents to invite Sensation:

I love large candles that fill a room. The bursting aroma of pumpkin spice during the fall, and fresh linen in the spring instantaneously improves my mood. My mind can wander to fantastical places when I smell something delicious and intriguing. For Candles, I’m obsessed with Anthropologie’s selections, and TJ Max or Marshals usually have great deals as well.

4. If It Doesn’t Bring You Joy, Get It OUT!

Seriously, make a trip to the goodwill. Get it OUT of there. Stuff can create mental and physical road blocks and you’ll feel so much more focused by eliminating the things you don't even use or wear.

5. Always Have Pen + Paper Available:

I have separate journals for different subjects, I have a morning pages journal for free writing, a creativity journal, a to-do list journal, and a universe journal. A universe journal is only for dreams and goals and what I meditate on to manifest and receive.

6. Decide How Your Space Can serve You:

If you need your room to be the place where you ONLY sleep, then simplify the space. If your space needs to be transitional, then detailed organization will be the key to making sure the right kind of energy is flowing. Figure out what you need, and keep it simple.

7. Colors Should Paint The Mood You Desire:

Yellow is my favorite color. It makes me feel happy, awake and excited. Because it’s such a vibrant bright color, I have to compliment it with a deep calming color. I have dark greens in my room which help to contrast and calm.

A color study can also be super helpful when trying to decide colors for your space. Each color / combination of colors can bring a new energy to your space, so it’s important to be specific with what you want to elicit.

Just like art, I believe that all spaces are a work in progress. As we grow and develop as individuals, our space will change to reflect those shifts. When there are big changes in life, it’s integral to pay attention to how we can evolve the spaces we inhabit to fit our needs.




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