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Equilibria Women

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

I must preface this blog post by saying it has been an extremely stressful couple of months. The weights of the pandemic have hit hard effecting my home life and work life, but luckily I’ve got great friends and family who lift me up, and with a little extra help from Equilibria’s premium CBD products, I’ve managed to keep my head above waters.

When I first started using Equilibria, I had not yet developed a routine, but now I have found consistency with using each product. I  have been using the cbd drops daily, and have found they are the easiest to take as needed as the dropper makes it simple to control each dose. I take a few 5ml drops, holding it for 60 seconds under my tongue as recommended.

If I feel anxiety begin to rise early in the morning, I will take a cbd soft gel in the morning with a glass of water along with my half-caf coffee. This helps me to focus in on what I need to achieve that day without letting the weight of it all overwhelm me. I feel much more balanced. 

In addition, one benefit I was not expecting was digestive relief! I am allergic / intolerant to gluten, and dairy. And on top of this, when I am stressed and anxious, I internalize everything and therefore my stomach suffers from cramping and indigestion. I’ve found a lot of comfort and relief taking the drops or the cbd the cream  to help with the tension and cramping. 

And speaking of the CBD relief cream, It’s effects are almost instant. I hold most of my tension in my neck and shoulders and this has worked better than icy hot, and has reduced my Advil intake when I’m cramping during that very special time of the month.

Overall I feel there is a lot of benefit to using these products, and I’m eager and curious to try the rest of the line!

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I promise it will be worth the investment- your nerves will thank you, and so will your loved ones. 😂


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