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ReVamp Your Vintage

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

I found this gorgeous red and white wrap dress from this eclectic and quaint vintage store in The Catskills Called Ragtime Clothing Exchange. I fell in love with the colors, fabric, and movement of the dress, and just had to have it.

What I love the most about fashion is how it's always evolving, yet at the same time, whatever is in style at a given moment of time is a revisit, revamp, or rework of past trends and popular designs.

I love pairing both old and new elements to create a innovative, yet timeless look.

I'm wearing Steve Madden's Dolly Bone Nubuck Heels to sharpen and contrast the natural flow of the dress. I love how the pointed toe shape compliments the angles of the checkered diamond pattern, and how the bold bone white color helps to balance out the bold red in the dress.

I paired mustard yellow dangly earrings from Francescas with this look, which I initially thought wouldn't work, but the gold accents and the warm tones of the color seemed to soften the red, all while bringing out the subtle natural highlights in my hair.

When creating a look, don't just focus on the colors and shapes... pay attention to the texture of the fabrics and materials, and the movement of the clothing/ accessories so you can find an elegant, striking balance.

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